Marshlands around Isla Canela.
To the North of MIC and several branches away to the west of Carreras River, we find the superbly  spot of Duke´s Salinas and the marshlands surrounding them.

The natural beauty of the place formed by a labyrinth of caños, branches, steams and mud plains, make this a must-see spot for the nature´s lovers.

Its routes on horseback, bicycle, by foot or small boats sailing, will make us enjoy a unique sight of many different bird species which feed, grow and live among them. Spatulas, Flamingos, Terns, Cormorants, Seagulls, Snipes, Ospreys and many more will watch us in their flight. This place´s walkarounds are take-breathing for the beginners in the nature-watching and exciting for the lovers because of environment variety and quality.