Harbour Master’s Office

Marina Isla Canela has a complete user support office with toilets, showers and other services for seafarers. This is where the applicable arrival formalities are completed, with post, fax, email and other services available, as well as weather information, tidal information, and local tourist information.

At the Harbour Master’s Office, we keep you up to date with all relevant issues that could affect our service, rates, facilities, applicable legislation and any other topic of interest and relevance for our clients.

The links below provide the latest important information available.


Campaign for the promotion of boating safety

The 2013 campaign promoting boating safety, prepared by the Directorate General for the Merchant Marine and the Maritime Safety and Rescue Society for consultation by affiliates and users, asking for cooperation in disseminating this information.

Boating safety guides
Eleven mini-guides available online or for download in a printable format that provide specific tips on practicing the most popular nautical activities: recreational boating; surfing; windsurfing; jet skiing; water skiing; recreational diving, etc.

Radio alerts
Area for seafarers to consult the radio safety warnings from the Global Maritime Distress System.

Social Media Twitter
This Network provides safety tips throughout the summer.

Downloadable app for smartphones (Android and iPhone) that includes the checklists prior to setting sail to ensure the voyage, as well as advice for different nautical activities.

Capitanía Marítima de Huelva
Coordinador de Seguridad Marítima
y Prevención de la Contaminación
C/ Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 9
21001 HUELVA
Tlf: 959541706. Fax: 959281527

Marine service Guardia Civil Huelva

Becomes known for all users of recreational crafts in the province of Huelva, that as previous years, during the present summer 2013, from the maritime service and the coast and port patrols of the guardia civil, applying the current law, a control and inspection campaign of sport and recreational crafts it’s going to be carry out, in order to guarantee the security of human lives in the sea.

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Navigation trough Piedras River

Becomes known for all users of recreational crafts, as a petition of the Capitanía Marítima de Huelva, about the navigation trough Piedras River.

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Use of the radio

Becomes known for all users of recreational crafts, as a petition of the Capitanía Marítima de Huelva, about the prohibition to use channel 67 of VHF.

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Table of procedures of communication for SOS situations

In accordance with the Real Decreto 1185/2006, from October 16th, which approves the regulation of maritime radio communications on board of Spanish civil boats, and following instructions from the Capitán Marítimo, the documents of operation for SOS situations have been developed in accordance with what was previously written by the Subcomité de Radiocomunicaciones de la OMI, with the objective of giving it the widest publicity.

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