Jornadas de tecnificación destinadas a la clase Optimist previo al clasificatorio andaluz abierto que tendrá lugar en Isla Canela en el mes de septiembre.

Fecha: del 5 al 9 de septiembre
Lugar: Marina Isla Canela
Duración: 5 días
Número regatistas: máximo 16
Clinic completo: 225 euros
Precio por día: 55 euros.
Tendrán prioridad los regatistas que contraten el Clinic completo

Regatta announcement (PDF)

Nautica Club

Club Náutico

Since 1990, our Nautical Club in collaboration with Marina Isla Canela offers a lot of nautical activities. The Marina provides material and the facilities, and the Club gives lessons to sail.

The Club´s basic objective is cultivate the sailing among young people in the zone and provide the nautical competitions to all the sailing lovers.


The basic activity of the Club are focused in two mainly actions:
1. Cultivate nautical sports.
2. Create sport activity.

The following sections are carried out inside these two activities:

  • Permanent sailing school, in collaboration with the Ayamonte´s city council:
    More than 12 young apprentices from the outskirts are subsidize to learn the sailing sport.
  • Regatta´s team, in collaboration with Ayamonte´s City Council:
    Our regatta team in Optimist, Láser and Cruceros are to participate in more than 20 local, national and international competitions.
  • Sea baptism, in collaboration with Ayamonte´s City Council:
    Pupils from different local schools enjoy their first experience in the sea and learn to know a new sport.
  • Sailing Courses
    – Material and trainers are provided for our Club so the public and start sailing and learning more about the sea.
    – Courses in Regatta´s skills and sailing improvement are also given.
  • Training and Qualifications Courses
    The Club offers you staff and facilities to give the necessary training to obtain the Nautical Qualifications to handle boats.
  • Collaborations
    The Club offers its staff and material to other Clubs and Official Organisms when required to develop sport local activities.


light sail school

The Isla Canela Nautical Club offers 6 types of boats to learn and practice in light sail.

The collective boat “Raquero”

The collective boat called “Raquero” is perfect to begin to sail. It has capacity for 6 participants and one trainer. That way all the participants get the first advices to begin then with individual boats.

Boats type Optimist or Panchito

Optimist or Panchito (from 8 to 14 year) is an unsinkable boat because it has a watertight hull. Six of these boats allow trainers defy the initiation for the youngest with total safety.

Boats type “Estel”

For children older than 14 years is necessary a different boat. On this case we offer them individual or double boats, according to their preferences. With only one sail disposes of the most important regulations to sail, without forgetting the constant required balance between the sail and your body.

Boats type “Vaurien”

Boat for 2 people, is the ideal version to begin with the sailing with 3. It´s a quick boat with a lot of modulations but easy to manage.

Boats type Laser

For those who have passed the introduction it´s offered the chance to begin with an Olympic boat, the LASER 4.7 (from 15 to 18 years in class class 4.7) and LASER RADIAL later on. It can be said that it is like the ESTEL but “full-blooded” version.

Sailing School

The Club Nautico Isla Canela has two boats that assure an easy and comfortable initiation for the applicant. The boat chosen is SUN 2000, from the boatyard JEANNEAU.

Canoeing school

The sailing channels that cross Isla Canela and the Guadiana River facilitate the practice of this sport. The Club Naútico Isla Canela teaches everyone who wants to get initiated in this activity.

Jet sky School

If you rather prefer the high speed, nothing like the power of a jet sky for enjoining a stunning ride.

Summer School

The Club Nautico Isla Canela offers courses during the summer months for the learning of: Light sailing, sailing cruise and canoeing/ kayaks.